Bistos Incubator BT-500


BT-500 is an infant incubator, which can precisely control temperature and humidity with low noise providing the best environment for the recovery of neonate with optional advanced features that can be ordered based on clinicians needs.


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Product Description

Bistos Incubator BT-500 can precisely control temperature and humidity with low noise and built-in Sp02 monitoring. Optional accessories like weighing scale, x-ray tray, lifting stand and CCD camera are allowed.

Bistos Incubator BT-500 designed for premature baby

  • Double Wall and air curtain maintain constant temperature control in the hood and helps the infant maintain their temperature.
  • Low operation noise 
  • In-built x-ray tray and weighing scale
  • Tilting  enable Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg for faster recovery
  • Built-in Masimo Pulse Oximeter provides most accurate measurement for SpO2.
  • Water tank can be disinfected by autoclaving.
  • O2 Servo control and measurement available

Bistos Incubator BT-500 designed for medical staff

  • Lifting stand adjusts mattress height to be optimized for each staff
  • Large 6 doors on every side of hood enable the premature baby can be accessible in every direction.
  • CCD Camera shows the status of infant in additional display even if the incubator is covered. Even the video can be displayed on mobile phone or PC simultaneously by wireless connection.
  • Multi language support 
  • Two skin temperature measures both temperature from belly and peripheral.

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