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E30 dental chairs perform: Get “Made in Germany” quality, reliability and efficiency.

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Product Description

ESTETICA E30, an easy and intuitive system for your day-to day-use. Everything your heart desires, within your reach.

Each detail of KaVo ESTETICA E30 is aimed at efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. The perfectly matched components ensure cost-efficient operation with high reliability. The integrated service functions lead to low costs and operational safety.

KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E30 – Where excellence begins.

Option for right/left-conversion
Being left-handed is always difficult where the world is made for right-handed people. Therefore, the KaVo ESTETICA E30 is designed as a treatment unit that is equally well-suited for both sides. The KaVo ESTETICA E30 can optionally be switched easily in less than two minutes from left-to-right or right-to-left-handed operation.

The KaVo ESTETICA E30 is your reliable partner – whether for your substitute at the office, or clinic or university operations.

An anti-retraction system against cross-contamination
To prevent contaminated water from being drawn back into your KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E30, all KaVo handpieces and motors have an intelligent, anti-retraction prevention system. This reliably protects your entire water supply and hence you, your team and your patients.

Perfect protection of your investment at all times
The high quality of its components, its flexibility and the efficient service functions ensure the long-lasting safe service life of the KaVo ESTETICA E30. The KaVo ESTETICA E30 can be equipped for central management through connection to a server.

Always up-to-date
Its sophisticated, modern technology make the KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E30 a profitable investment – now and in future. To keep your KaVo ESTETICA E30 software up to date, updates or expansions can be uploaded efficiently and economically via central software update.

Made in Germany – that’s what you can count on
Play it safe with the KaVo dental chair ESTETICA E30 and rely on the ‘Made in Germany’ quality.


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