Respironics V680 Ventilator


The V680 ventilator is a 2-in-1 life support ventilator where it combines the fully featured life support capabilities of a critical care ventilator (IV) with our gold standard in noninvasive ventilation (NIV) technology. It is fast and easy to switch from invasive to noninvasive ventilation.

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Modes: Single-limb Circuit

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)
S/T (spontaneous with timed backup)
PCV (pressure control ventilation)


Apnea mode (available in CPAP)
*AVAPS+ (average volume assured pressure support)
*PPV (proportional pressure ventilation)

Modes: Dual-limb Circuit

A/C-VCV (assist/control-volume control ventilation)
A/C-PCV (assist/control-pressure control ventilation)
SIMV-VCV (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation volume control ventilation)
SIMV-PCV (synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation pressure control ventilation)


PSV (pressure support ventilation)
PRVC (pressure regulated volume control)
Apnea mode (available in SIMV and PSV)


Patient Types Adult: >20 kg Pediatric: 5 to 20 kg


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