Smart-Port Premium


Comfort made easy

The cleverly designed SMART-PORT Premium is the perfect device for the mobile dentist.

In an 12-kilogram light case, SMART-PORT Premium combines the most important functions and operations of a dental treatment unit and leaves nothing to be desired: Convenient transport, easy setup and dismantling and full performance in continuous operation.

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Product Description

The integrated electric micromotor with LED light features a control unit with 30 selectable programs. Speed, torque, and the selected contra-angle can be freely adjusted and saved. Through the use of various contra-angles, speeds of between 0-200,000 rpm can be achieved. Both the electric motor and the integrated electric scaler with LED light work at their full capacity.

The high performance of SMART-PORT Premium is rounded off by a highly efficient patent-pending suction (220 l/min!).

The clever design allows for quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the unit. Additionally, the SMART-PORT Premium impresses with its quiet oil-free compressor.


  • 1 Three-way syringe (air/water/spray) with sterilisable tips (hose and tips detachable)
  • 1 Electric micromotor with LED light and 30 programs (0-40,000)
  • 1 Electric scaler with LED light
  • Instrument hoses detachable
  • Spray adjustment regulators for each instrument
  • Integrated spray water system for syringe and instruments (check valve prevents the back flow of water)
  • 1 Spray water tank: 0.75 litre
  • 1 High-performance suction hose 220 l/min. Continuously adjustable. With the patent-pending BPR Swiss technology. Adapter for saliva ejector tips and oral-dry-cup
  • 1 Suction fluid container: 1 litre (automatic overflow protection)
  • Pressure regulator-filter
  • Sturdy, air- and water-tight plastic construction, will not scratch, dent or corrode
  • Detachable front cover
  • Disc type foot control
  • Integrated silent compressor – oil-free: Max. Pressure: 4 bar;
  • Integrated aspirator with the patent-pending BPR Swiss technology
  • Accessories: Including DENTA-TROLLEY with drawers for instruments and consumables

Technical Data

  • Handpiece pressure: 3.0-4.0 bar
  • Each instrument is individually adjustable
  • Weight SMART-PORT Premium: 12.0 kg
  • Weight DENTA-TROLLEY: 8 kg (for consumables/instruments)
  • Dimensions: 470 x 340 x 190 mm

Warranty: 2 years

Options: Polymerisation lamp, contra-angles etc.


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