Interactive Anatomy Dissection Table video
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  Anatomy Imaging Software

  Invivo5 is Complete
Invivo5 has inter-disciplinary applications for many specialties such as Implantology, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Radiology, Medicine and general Science. Invivo5 has a complete range applications for everyone.
  Invivo5 is Effortless
3D imaging is complex, however using 3D imaging software should not be. With intuitive software like Invivo5, you will be spending less time figuring it out, and more time doing exactly what youwant. The intelligent design of Invivo5 allows clinicians to intuitively utilize it immediately.
  Invivo5 is Preferred
Invivo5 is used by all major academic institutions, top private practices, opinion leaders and research projects around the world and consistency gets the highest marks.

  Interactive 3D Touch Workstation

Anatomage introduces an innovative, touchscreen device which provides truly interactive volume information and images like never before. Patients and doctors can engage in interactive 3D consultations together with life-size 3D visualizations that are both immersible and impressive to patients.

Users can rotate, zoom and move 3D anatomy with the touch of a finger. Leave unforgettable impressions on your patients by displaying their own 3D conebeam CT scan data images and manipulating it in front of them with your fingertips.

The system comes prepackaged with a 3D reference model of the head and neck anatomy. It is easy enough to show and discuss with patients and parents; and yet it is also detailed and accurate enough to serve as a medical reference for clinicians looking to refresh their anatomical education.