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  Status 1080 TM - Globus 1078 S  


  Master Electric Handpieces: the pinnacle of KaVo innovation
The Master Series electric handpieces combines a triple gear system, proprietary access angles and GENTLEpower shanks to provide you with a calm confidence only found in KaVo Electrics. The exceptional power and low vibration operation in KaVo’s triple gear system means a greater level of productivity. Combined with the new head angle of 100° and the knee angle of 19° similar to the GENTLEsilence 6500 BR, you can experience optimum space and freedom of work. GENTLEpower shanks allow easy compatibility with all INTRA lux heads, which result in less downtime between procedures. Our new integrated technology includes plasmatec coating, optical illumination with 25,000 lux, flexible catch, stainless steel, and E-style connection.

Models : COMFORTdrive | GENTLEpower LUX 25LPR High Speed Attachment | GENTLEpower LUX 20LP Contra Angle | GENTLEpower LUX 7LP Contra Angle | GENTLEpower LUX 29LP Contra Angle | GENTLEpower LUX 10LP Straight Handpiece | INTRA LUX Heads

  Expert Electric Handpieces: Superior KaVo Performance
The Expert Series features a KaVo Knurling grip, quality stainless steel construction and advanced hygienic solutions. Lengthy procedures are easier with the KaVo tested hygiene grip. Seamless stainless steel construction without nuts, bolts or surface joints makes for a cleaner, healthier environment - perfect for the entire practice. Of course, all INTRAcompact instruments can be thermally disinfected, sterilized in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 275°F and can also be washed in a thermodisinfector.

Model : EXPERTmatic E25L | EXPERTmatic E25C | EXPERTmatic E20L |EXPERTmatic E20C | EXPERTmatic E15L | EXPERTmatic E15C | EXPERTmatic E61C | EXPERTmatic E31C | EXPERTmatic E10C

  Smart Electric Handpieces: Reliable and Affordable KaVo Technology
The KaVo Smart Series is redesigned with a new surface finish for a perfect grip and no rough edges. Seamless stainless steel profile means there’s no where for debris to accumulate and the push-button chuck is standard. INTRAmatic E/ES instruments can be thermally disinfected and sterilized in autoclaves at temperatures of up to 275°F and can also be washed in the thermodisinfector.

Model :  23E Contra Angle Attachment | 80ES Contra Angle Attachment |19ES Hygiene Handpiece | 68G Reduction Latch Head | 67G Reduction Latch Head | 31GR Reduction Prophy Head

  The most powerful and amazingly quiet high-speed handpieces designed.
The newest addition to KaVo’s high-speed collection, the GENTLEmini LUX 4500BR, is designed to complement KaVo’s best selling handpiece, the GENTLEsilence LUX 6500BR, only with a smaller head to further address the issues of patients who have difficulty opening their mouth wide for full oral access. Our Master Series handpieces operate at a very low frequency range; in fact, GENTLEsilence LUX 6500BR and GENTLEmini LUX 4500BR are two of the quietest handpieces around. An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and help create a relaxing environment for all. Unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration-free operation.

Model : | GENTLEmini LUX 4500BR | GENTLEsilence LUX 6500BR |

  EXPERT Series Air Driven Handpieces offer Superior KaVo performance in a standard and mini-head handpiece
KaVo Expert Collection handpieces are powerful, smooth and quiet. They provide superior KaVo performance even in difficult-to-access molar regions. The standard head model is ideal for crown and bridge work and gross reduction. The mini head offers excellent access and precise cutting performance, when and where you need it most.

Model : | EXPERTtorque LUX E679 L | EXPERTtorque mini LUX E675 L |SUPERtorque 659BR | Mira LUX 3 635BR

  Smart Series Handpieces: Smart Series: Reliable and Affordable KaVo Technology in a standard and mini-head handpiece
KaVo Smart Collection handpieces feature a high power, precision-balanced turbine for optimum balance and virtually vibration-free operation. You’ll enjoy faster and smoother cutting for preparations. The Smart series’ standard head and multi-port water spray provide reliable performance during crown and bridge preparations.

Model :POWERtorque LUX 646 B | SMARTtorque LUX S619 L |SMARTtorque mini LUX S615 L | SMARTtorque S619 C | SMARTtorque S609 C |SMARTtorque S605 C

  The KaVo low-speed system has a number of straightforward options designed around your preferences and your intended clinical application. Simply choose the motor, attachment and head. From electric to air driven motors, optic or non optic, water cooled or not – you have all of the options at your fingertips.  

  Absolute MUTLIflex-ibility
No matter which brand of light source you have, all you need is a MULTIflex LUX coupler to use a wide range of KaVo handpieces and instruments. For you, this means a quick change of instruments in the operatory and high cost-efficiency due to a common coupling system.  To improve ergonomics and safety, every coupler features 360º full rotation with a quick disconnect and a built-in anti-retraction valve. The anti-retraction valve prevents the backflow of potentially contaminated water into the tubing.With KaVo MULTIflex in your practice, "just a click does the trick!" 

Model : | MULTIflex LUX coupler 465LED | MULTIflex LUX coupler 460LED |KaVo MULTI LED Bulb | MULTIflex LUX coupler 1390 | MULTIflex LUX coupler 460LE | MULTIflex LUX coupler 465LRN | MULTIflex coupler 457

  The preservation of healthy tooth structure most important goal is the minimally invasive caries therapy. To this end, the first step is safe and reliable early caries diagnosis. With the DIAGNOdent, KaVo offers you a unique instrument that has proven its accuracy in many clinical studies. When caries is diagnosed at such an early stage, a treatment which protects tooth structure is then required. KaVo provides you with the following systems for this purpose:RONDOflex portable air abrasion handpiece.SONICflex with oscillating diamond-coated tips. 

Model : |SONICflex Airscale | CORONAflex | RONDOflex Plus | SONICflex LINE Tips | SONICflex MICROdentistry Tips | Pen

  TDiscover a workplace which suits you and your working environment, perfectly. Because perfectly planned workplaces are essential for high efficiency, the MASTERspace offers you perfect quality, fine design and maximum functionality.  

  KaVo STERIclave
Nothing takes up time like cleaning handpieces after each treatment. Nothing is as efficient as the KaVo STERIclave. With a cycle time of 18-36 minutes (in controlled programs), the KaVo STERIclave is much faster than conventional sterilisers. This means that you do not require any additional instrument sets and meet all current hygiene requirements.

offers maximum speed and user-friendliness. The KaVo QUATTROcare PLUS is characterised by easy handling.