Stellant CT Injection Systems
The market-leading CT power injector platform.
MEDRAD’s Stellant Injection Systems use power injection to inject contrast media for enhanced visualization in CT diagnostic imaging procedures.

• Stellant D – For advanced clinical applications; offering saline flush capabilities and robust protocol options.
• Stellant Sx  – Our entry-level option, capable of upgrades to enable you to stay current with scanner technology.

  Mark V ProVis Angiographic Injection System
  We designed the Mark V ProVis to be easy-to-use, from the readability of the display and controls to the ergonomics and functionality of the injector and control panel.  

  Spectris Solaris EP MR Injection System
  Spectris Solaris EP offers the features and flexibility to meet the demands of complicated contrast enhanced procedures.  

  Veris MR Vital Signs Monitor
  Veris MR Vital Signs Monitor enables you to monitor even your most vulnerable patients while they are undergoing an MR exam.  

  AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System
  The AngioJet Ultra Thrombectomy System is our most advanced system to restore blood flow to thrombosed arteries and veins. It offers all of the power and performance of our earlier AngioJet systems, but with integrated disposables and fast, simple set-up.