Bariatric Beds
Stryker’s comprehensive line of beds combine groundbreaking intelligence with BackSmart engineering to advance the standard of patient care and help prevent caregiver injury. Our innovative design features meet a diverse array of needs, from the critical care environment, to med/surg, to labor & delivery settings. Stryker also offers numerous accessories and options such as integrated scales, open architecture and Chaperone bed exit to help improve clinical outcomes and drive best practices. 
Product Model : Bari 10A

  Maternity Bed
To ensure that moms have the best possible birthing experiences, Stryker didn’t just develop a maternity bed, we designed a delivery partner. Tailor-made both for moms-to-be and for L&D nurses, the LD304 offers outstanding patient comfort, flexible support features, simple operation and improved mobility. 
Product Model : LD304

  Critical Beds
TWhen it comes to life-threatening illness or injury, nurses need a bed that will help them deliver care in demanding situations. Stryker critical care beds offer design enhancements and safety features that assist in the efficient delivery of care.  
Product Model : : In Touch, Epic II

  Medical Surgical Bed
Today’s nursing professionals encounter more challenges than ever before. That’s why Stryker is committed to developing med/surg products that address your most critical issues. While each bed is designed to cater to your specific needs, philosophies like BackSmart, open architecture and equipment compatibility serve as the foundation for all of Stryker’s med/surg products
Product Model : : S3, GoBed II

  General Purpose stretchers
Patient transport doesn’t just affect patients—it affects medical staff, too. At Stryker, we recognize that job-related injuries are a major concern. That’s why we’ve developed mobility solutions that help reduce strain. Regardless of the model, our stretchers offer simplified steering and turning, and easier start-up effort. 
Product Model : : Prime Series Strechers, Transport Stretcher, OB/GYN Gynnie Stretcher, Trauma Stretcher

  OR Specialty Stretchers
Stryker’s specialty stretchers provide exceptional maneuverability and uncompromised access for clinicians—helping you care for patients with particular needs, such as small children, moms-to-be or those with traumatic injuries. Stryker’s procedural stretchers deliver exceptional patient comfort and clinical efficiency—both important elements in surgery. With our responsive surgery platforms, stretcher chairs and surgeon stools, Stryker provides effective positioning and access from pre-op through recovery.
Product Model : : Cub Pediatric Crib, Eye Surgery Stretcher, Stretcher Chair, Fluroscopy Strtcher, Surgistool

Stryker’s innovative endoscopy equipment has set a new standard in the operating room. We were the first to combine voice activation, infrared technology and high-definition video to give surgeons greater control and patients better outcomes. What’s more, our intuitive, ergonomic endoscopy tools make surgery easier and more efficient than ever before.

Stryker provides a complete solution for today’s advanced arthroscopic procedures with best-in-class powered instruments, fluid management and bipolar RF ablation technology. In addition, Stryker offers a wide array of arthroscopy systems and accessories, including revolutionary wireless control, integration within the iSWITCH platform and Crossfire, the first and only integrated resection system. 

Stryker leads the way in providing laparoscopic instruments that offer bright, vivid imaging and extraordinary detail. Our laparoscopes are designed for durability and strength. They may be used for all general laparoscopic, pediatric and bariatric procedures. 

Stryker combines first-in-class camera technology and high-strength instrumentation to allow the user to achieve excellent results in minimally invasive gynecological procedures. Our patented Speed-Lock connections make instrument integration fast and secure, allowing surgical staff to exchange instruments during procedures quickly, smoothly and safely. 

Stryker’s line of specially-designed scopes are ideal for navigating ureters, kidneys and other urologic anatomy during minimally invasive procedures. Additionally, high-definition camera technology allows the user to easily observe these hard-to-reach areas.