Leader of Innovative Solutions

More than just a business, when lives are at stake – Medik-Link Sales & Services Sdn Bhd is here to provide innovative healthcare solution to meet the demands of healthcare professionals.

Founded in 1995 as Medik-Link Sales & Service, the company was incorporated in April 2007 as MLSB to increase its range of products and business opportunities.

Always on the move for growth, the company expanded their business portfolio, establishing two new associated companies named MedicWorld Sdn. Bhd and Medik-Link (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd. between 2009 to 2012.


Position in the market as one of the Medical Devices leading providers of a reliable source of pre and after-sales support.


  • Strive to provide Innovative Healthcare Solution to meet the demands of the healthcare professionals.
  • Implement, operate and continue improvement under an effective Quality Management System for Medical Devices that meets Regulatory Requirements.

Foong Kam Seng

Managing Director of Medik-Link Group
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Today, the Medik-Link brand is synonymous with two core objectives; customer satisfaction and supplier accountability. Medik-Link has positioned itself in the market as one of the leading providers of a reliable source of pre and after-sales support. Its engineering, sales and service team regularly undergo thorough training from clinical application training to troubleshooting in order to provide the highest standards of healthcare services.

The management culture in Medik-Link to this day reflects the hands-on approach and streamlined efficacy in response to potential issues or client enquiries. The company aims not only to provide cost effective, quality products but also a long-term commitment of quality service.

MLSB is the leading distributor for dental equipment which focuses on providing painless dentistry treatments and aesthetics equipment which focuses on providing non-invasive treatments. Safety and comfort is MLSB’s priority when it comes to serving people’s needs.

Besides that, MLSB also has 17 years of leading experience as the medical equipment and consumables distributor in East Malaysia.

MLSB currently has offices in Kuching, Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur, with growing number of dedicated staffs in the industry.

Incorporated in 1998, Medik-link Sales & Services Sdn Bhd has since provided effective Innovative Dental & Medical solutions to key healthcare service providers like Malaysia’s Leading Universities, government, and private hospitals.

Our primary aim is to continuously provide cutting edge, high quality and innovative evidence-based medical products, enabling you to broaden your services and increase your capacity for efficient treatments to your patients. We hope to extend not just our most reliable and cost-effective products to you but our long-term commitment to provide satisfactory after sales-service supports, so that you can focus on maintaining your competitive edge in providing the highest standards of healthcare services both locally and regionally.

After all, when lives are at stake, you can trust Medik-link Sales & Services Sdn Bhd to provide the latest, most innovative and most cost-effective solutions to meet the demands of your patients.