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BPR Swiss Denta Cart Clinic

For the flexible dentist The DENTA-CART CLINIC combines 1 three-way-syringe, 3 treatment instruments and 2 suction devices (integrated suction machine) on one single cart! Aside from treating your patients in your dental clinic, it offers you the flexibility to treat them in hospitals, retirement homes or other institutions. You can easily move your DENTA-CART CLINIC from one room to the next. To activate and use your DENTA-CART CLINIC simply connect it to an air source and plug it in the power cord.

BPR Swiss Denta-Port 303

The father of all portable dental units. The unmatched flexibility and quality of DENTA-PORT 303 are at the root of all BPR Swiss portable treatment units. It can be equipped with all the instruments of your choice. Each instrument operates with full efficiency. The DENTAPORT 303 is further equipped with the very powerful BPR Swiss patent-pending suction system (220 l/min) and a three-way syringe. Activating the complete standard unit only requires plugging in the air connection.

BPR Swiss Smart-Port (Basic/Premium)

Comfort made easy The cleverly designed SMART-PORT Premium is the perfect device for the mobile dentist. In an 12-kilogram light case, SMART-PORT Premium combines the most important functions and operations of a dental treatment unit and leaves nothing to be desired: Convenient transport, easy setup and dismantling and full performance in continuous operation.

BPR Swiss Super Port

SUPER-PORT is the most complete and comfortable portable treatment unit in the world. The self-sufficient SUPER-PORT combines a complete dental treatment unit including compressor and suction machine in a light, 17 kg case.