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Lifotronic Hi-800 High Flow Humidification System (HFNC)

HFNC therapy for Covid-19 patients. It is a humidifier with an integrated flow generator that delivers high-flow warmed and humidified respiratory gas with built in oxygen blender to adjust Fi02 21-100% to spontaneously breathing patients through a variety of interfaces.

Lifotronic PV-100 HFCWO Vest Therapy

The High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) vest therapy device simulates the cough of humans by rapidly inflating and deflating the vest. This innovative HFCWO vest therapy generates high-frequency oscillations that aid in the removal of retained secretions. This process is accomplished through the shear force of cough airflow or is further assisted by negative pressure collection. HFCWO vest therapy is a crucial advancement in the management of respiratory conditions, enhancing the effectiveness of airway clearance techniques.