High Quality Realistic ALS Training | SimMan® ALS

SimMan ALS provides a mobile, durable solution that will meet the training needs of pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care providers – from basic assessment to advanced life-support skills. From pre-hospital, on-scene assessment and management to definitive care in a hospital, SimMan ALS can fulfill the unique training requirements of emergency healthcare providers.

Let's watch out the clinical features of SimMan ALS

Multiple Airway Skills/Features:

  • Controllable open/closed airway; automatically or manually controlled
  • Head tilt/Chin lift
  • Jaw thrust w/articulated jaw
  • Suctioning (Oral & Nasopharyngeal)
  • Bag-mask ventilation
  • Orotracheal intubation
  • Nasotracheal intubation
  • Combitube, LMA, I-gel and other airway placement
  • Endotracheal tube intubation
  • Retrograde intubation
  • Fiberoptic intubation
  • Transtracheal jet ventilation
  • Needle cricothyrotomy
  • Surgical cricothyrotomy
  • Airway resistance – 3 settings (On/Off/Half)
  • Right main stem intubation
  • Stomach distention


Airway Complications:

  • Tongue fallback
  • Tongue edema


Breathing Features:

  • Simulated spontaneous breathing
  • Bilateral and unilateral chest rise and fall
  • Normal and abnormal breath sounds
  • Lung auscultation sites: posterior and anterior sites
  • Oxygen saturation and waveform


Breathing Complications:

  • Cyanosis
  • Needle thoracentesis – bi-lateral
  • Unilateral & Bilateral chest movement
  • Chest tube insertion – bilateral


Cardiac Features:

  • Extensive ECG library
  • Heart sounds
  • ECG rhythm monitoring (4 wire)
  • 12 lead ECG display
  • Defibrillation and cardioversion using training pads – ShockLink™ (SimMan ALS w/ ShockLink)
  • Defibrillation and cardioversion using live defibrillation pads or paddles (SimMan ALS LiveShock)
  • Pacing


Circulation Features:

  • BP measured manually by auscultation of Korotkoff sounds
  • Carotid, femoral, radial pulses synchronized with ECG
  • Pulse strength variable with BP
  • Pulse Palpation is detected & logged


Vascular Access:

  • IV access (right arm)
  • Intraosseous access (tibia)



  • QCPR feedback and scoring compliant with 2010-2015 Guidelines
  • CPR compressions generate palpable pulses, blood pressure wave form and ECG artifacts
  • Realistic compression depth and resistance
  • Automatic detection of depth, release and frequency of compressions as well as hand placement



  • Manually set to: Open, closed and partially open
  • Set of interchangeable pupils


Other Features:

  • Fully articulating pelvis
  • Leg rotation in all natural directions
  • Foley catheterization without urine output
  • Pre-prepared for use of the SonoSim Ultrasound solution
  • Patient Voice
    • Pre-recorded sounds
    • Custom sounds
    • Instructor can simulate patient’s voice wirelessly


System Features:

  • Wireless tablet PC controls simulator remotely or SimPad Plus system
  • Control simulations from anywhere on your network
  • Manual Mode
    • Precise control “on the fly”
  • Automatic Mode
    • Run pre-packaged scenarios
    • Unique, simple controls increase/decrease difficulty & pace
  • Integrated video debriefing
  • Data logging
  • Instructor comments
  • Scenarios available on Laerdal Scenario Cloud

For additional product information for SimMan ALS, please click HERE.

To upgrade your existing manikins to SimMan ALS or arrange for a demo session, please Contact us for more details, we would be happy to assist you!

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