Launca Intraoral Scanner – Your Entrance To Digital Dentistry

We are delighted to launch our reliable Intraoral Scanner known as Launca DL-206.

Founded in 2013, Launca Medical is based in Dongguan (China) with an additional operational office in Shenzhen (China). Launca has been focusing on intraoral scanning system development based on its proprietary 3D imaging technology. The core value of Launca is to design, manufacture and provide innovative and reliable digital dental scanners for the market of digital dentistry.

Launca Medical headquartered in Songshan Lake, Dongguan(China)

Recently, Launca Medical has awarded with 2021 Dentistry Solution Initiative of the Year and Digital Innovation of the Year from Healthcare Asia. With this Digital Dentistry booming momentum, Launca has been widely recognized by industry experts and dentists for over 50 countries. The adoption of digital technology in all aspects of life and business has come to realize of more and more dental practices to the needs of digital transformation in their dental workflow with the assurance of providing the best service to their patients.

Launca DL-206 delivers superior dentist-patient satisfaction with blazingly fast scanning, precise scan accuracy and easy handling. With the capability of completing one-arch within 1 minute, this Launca scanner can competes with other scanners on the market. The scanning protocol is simple and scanning across the midline and anterior teeth which is the most trickiest part, didn’t take much effort and easily catch up by most of dentist.

This Launca DL-206 guarantees overall smooth scanning and amazingly quick find its place when the scan is paused or restarted again. What’s more, the scanner provides HD photo capture, similar to your traditional intraoral camera.

Head on to our product website to know more! Schedule a demo if you need one, we would be happy to assist you.

Launca DL-206 IntraOral Scanner


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