Philips PageWriter TC Series Cardiograph | The “WOW Factors”

The Philips PageWriter TC series cardiograph is designed for use in the demanding hospital environment as well as physician practice settings. The easy 1-2-3 operation, touchscreen display, and additional tools help ensure quality ECG reports.

What’s so “WOW” about Philips PageWriter TC Series?

  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Superior Workflow
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Latest EMR Connectivity & Security


1. Easy to Use Touchscreen

Simplified User Interface

In an easy to navigate, context sensitive, touchscreen interface.

To take an ECG machine, it is as easy as 3 different colours with light-guiding buttons.

  1. Connect patient. Touch Map button to check for loose leads
  2. ID button is lit. Touch button to enter patient information.
  3. ECG button is lit. Touch button to take ECG.

2. Industry Leading Workflow

The “ECG” button can trigger a series of actions automatically:

  • ‘Print’ – Direct print out from the built-in thermal printer.
  • ‘Save’ – The “Save” button can be configured to automatically save the ECG to the Archive.
  • ‘Transfer’ – Transferring patient report to iECG/EMR.
  • ‘Last ECG’ – can be configured to automatically retrieve the previous ECG from iECG for comparison purposes.

3. Automated Workflow

  • User touches “ECG” to preview the ECG report
  • If the user likes the report, the user touches “Print”

-The ECG report prints out
“Saves” to the internal archive
“Transfers” to EMR/iECG
-Deletes from the internal archive

4. Never Miss a Beat

Able to note a point in time where a clinical event occurred to delivery of a drug & unusual rhythm.

  • Touch for screen ½ sec; “Event Marker” is placed

5. Arrhythmia Capture (optional)

Patients that have momentary arrhythmias can be captured and recorded. It is also able to disclosure stores up to five minutes of data for all 12 leads in memory, all data that can then be used to create an ECG report retrospectively, any ten seconds can be selected and used.

6. Clinical Decision Support


Checks for 19 different lead reversals; enable to avoid creating inaccurate ECG report due to human error. (Message occurs before ECG Preview)

Remarks: Most other ECG machines only check for LA-RA reversal.

Advanced STEMI diagnostic aids: ST Map

Collects ST values and trends derived from the vertical (limb leads) and horizontal (chest leads) planes into an integrated display. The maps are multi-axis portraits of the patient’s ST segments as measured with the ST/AR algorithm.

STEMI-CA (culprit artery)

  • If STEMI criteria are met, the DXL algorithm’s STEMI-CA criteria identify the culprit artery or probable anatomical site causing the functional ischemia.

Specific anatomic sites can include the following:

Coronary Arteries:

  • Left anterior descending (LAD)
  • Right coronary artery (RCA)
  • Left circumflex (LCx)
  • Left main or equivalent multi-vessel disease (LM/MVD)


7. Critical Values:

“Acute MI”
“Acute Ischemia”
“Complete Heart Block”
“Very High Heart Rate”

*Enable junior nurses to identify critical moments and alert doctors for immediate intervention.
*Help building up nurses’ self-confidence level.

8. EMR CONNECTIVITY (optional)

Easiest Way – PDF format

Safest Way – Wireless or Wired networking security system with :

– 802.11(i)
– WPA2 (AES)

9. Philips Advanced Algorithm Research Centre

Main Function:

– Focused on ECG Algorithm Development
– Full-time scientists and researchers working on algorithms
-Adult and Pediatric Rhythm Analysis
-The algorithm is highly age and gender specific. Patient age and gender are used throughout the program to define normal limits for heart rate, axis deviation, time intervals, and voltage values for interpretation accuracy in tachycardia, bradycardia, prolongation or shortening of PR and QT intervals, hypertrophy, early repolarization, ischemia, and myocardial infarction.


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