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Discover the leading dental imaging brands available at Medik-Link’s online store. If you are a dentist, you are in the right place. Our dental imaging equipment is distributed to all dentists in Malaysia so that you can provide great quality dental services to all of your customers. 

Many of our dental products can help you to deliver accurate diagnosis and have a fuller view of your patient’s oral cavity, including their jaws and teeth. We are confident in the quality of our products. They are effective tools for you to use in your dental clinic and are user-friendly to all dental practitioners, regardless of whether you are an aspiring or seasoned dentist.

We want to become a trusted company to all dentists. That is why we only distribute dental equipment that are produced and manufactured by the most trusted, renowned and recognised market leaders in the dental industry. 

Medik-Link’s online store has a comprehensive range of dental imaging equipment to choose from. So, if you are interested, you can buy diode lasers, OPG X-Rays,(Intraoral X-Rays) dental phosphor plate scanners, 3D dental X-Ray machines at affordable prices and many other equipment below. Or you can click the following link to check out our dental chairs in Malaysia.

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Durr Dental VistaScan Combi View

The new VistaScan Combi View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient and time-saving digitisation of image plates for both intraoral and extraoral formats. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen and easy-to-use user interface contribute to this. Thanks to the integrated wireless LAN functionality, the device is exceptionally flexible.

Durr Dental VistaScan Mini Easy

The VistaScan Mini Easy image plate scanner makes image plate diagnostics even faster for dentists. The compact device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space so that it can be installed in the treatment room.

Durr Dental VistaScan Mini Plus

VistaScan Mini Plus - red dot design award winner 2011. Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in dentistry, Durr Dental has been at the cutting edge of diagnostics in the surgery.


DentaFilm Imaging Plate Scanner

High-quality images, within seconds.

Durr Dental VistaScan Mini View

The new VistaScan Mini View image plate scanner enables the intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitisation of image plates. Amongst other things, its large touchscreen with its easy-to-use user interface contributes to this.

Durr Dental VistaScan Nano Easy

With VistaScan Nano Easy, you have a modern image plate scanner with excellent image quality at your disposal.

LargeV Smart3D CBCT

Convenient CBCT pricing plan to grow with your practice. Simply a smart and reliable choice, just as the name suggests.

Lazon Solase Diode Laser

As a key component of the dental laser, laser diodes are highly temperature sensitive. The power and lifetime of diode laser drop about 50% for every 20 degrees C rise in temperature. Therefore, temperature instability will seriously lead to power drift and performance loss.To solve the common problem of poor repeatability of treatment effect due to inaccurate and unstable dental laser power, SOLASE Laser developed over five years for its advanced DPSS (Dynamic Power Stabilization System) technology to achieve perfect laser power accuracy and stability and ensure consistent treatment effect.

Planmeca ProMax Scara 2

Two-joint (SCARA2) model with basic programs for panoramic, extraoral bitewing, TMJ, and sinus imaging. 

Planmeca ProMax Scara 3

Three-joint (SCARA3) model for all imaging needs: panoramic, true extraoral bitewing, TMJ, sinus, and 2D tomography imaging. 

Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic

Provides a clear view of the mandible and maxilla, as the unit’s imaging sensor covers the entire dentition.

Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid

A wide volume size selection-most suitable for ENT imaging and 3D orthodontics.

Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus

A great choice for capturing more than just the dentition, with an extended variety of volume sizes available.

Planmeca ProMax 3Ds

An entry-level CBCT unit for capturing small details-perfect for single implant, endodontic and wisdom tooth cases.

Planmeca ProOne

Simplicity at its best in a compact, easy-to-use package. 

Planmeca ProSensor HD

ProSensor HD is an intraoral sensor that has been designed to last and offers a unique combination of image quality, patient-centred design and usability.

Planmeca ProX

ProX intraoral X-ray unit brings easy and precise positioning, straightforward imaging and provide high resolution images.

Planmeca Viso

Planmeca Viso is our flagship CBCT unit with Live Virtual FOV positioning.