Buy Nitrous Oxide Sedation Machines for Dentists

Medik-Link is a supplier and distributor of dental equipment in Malaysia. Our online store has a broad range of nitrous oxide sedation machines for you to choose from in order to help you grow your dental practice in the country. 

Most of our machines are produced by internationally recognised brands in the dental industry such as Accutron. Accutron products are made in the U.S.A from good quality materials, and are designed using cutting-edge technology through innovative solutions.

On top of that, Accutron’s products are also specifically designed to ensure the safety of both your patients and office staff when carrying out any dental procedures.

Some of the Accutron products available at our online store include nitrous oxide sedation machines that have special features such as a single-knob total flow control, oxygen fail-safe and oxygen flush, digital and electronic flow tubes displays for ease of use, audio and visual alarms to notify the dentist on the level of oxygen, and many other different features.

If you are interested in buying any of our products, you can continue scrolling below to select the equipment that best suits the requirements and needs of your dental clinic.

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Accutron Analog Ultra PC% Flowmeter

Single-knob total flow control Nitrous Oxide Sedation System.

Accutron Digital Ultra™ Flowmeter

Color-coded, automatic compensation of gas ratio Nitrous Oxide Sedation system.